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Tuesdays at 6:30 PM - Adult Bible Study
10/15  Benevolence Offering
10/29   Fellowship Breakfast 8:30 AM


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Word of the Lord

September 24 - September 30

     My dear, dear, precious child, rest easy in me dear one. You scheme, plan and organize. You make all these plans for your life. When you finally reach the bottom. The end of all your hopes, plans and dreams. Dear one, hear my quiet voice saying to you, remember that it is not by power nor is it by your might, but all things are by my spirit. 

     Know that you are my precious, precious child whom I love so very much. I laid down my life for you. I paid the price for your sin debt. I made a way for you where there was no way. I opened the closed door that no one could open. Trust in me child completely with all of your heart. Lean not upon your own understanding of how things are. In all of your ways acknowledge me as the Lord of your life. I will direct your path. Follow my lead dear child. 

     Do not look to man for your answers. Keep your eyes totally fixed upon me. I will take you through all things. There is nothing that I cannot do for you. There is nothing that I will not do for you. Continue to place all of your trust in me, my child. I will keep you from all hurt and harm.

     Dear one, pray without ceasing. I do hear your heart's cries. I will answer you. I will undertake for you. I will do this each and every day for you. Do not forget to offer to me prayers of thanksgiving for all that I have done for you and yours. Pray without ceasing. Talk to me each day. Read and meditate upon my Word each morning, every night and at noon. My Word will renew and restore your mind each day.

     Do not neglect to go forth each day telling all that you encounter of my love for them. Lead them, bring them to me. I will in no wise cast them away. Pray with them. As they confess their sins to me, I will forgive them. They will become my forever children. They will dwell in my heavenly home forever as you will also.

     Child, be about my business. Know that indeed the time has grown so very short. I AM coming on a day and in an hour you know not. I AM taking all my children out of the coming harm's way. Be ready. Be watching. Be waiting. My dear, dear, precious, precious child.

Sunday Morning Service

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